The new video header bidding - a predictive prebid adapter

Cedato Predictive Header Bidding

Harness the power of our predictive ad decisioning algorithm for guarantee video eCPM, higher win-rates and lower latency.

Cedato Proprietary video header bidding technology starts optimizing as soon as the page loads. It applies predictive analytics that overcome latency, yield & transparency barriers optimizing for the best demand.

With publisher performance optimization in mind, Cedato newest prebid adapter guarantees an enhanced user experience and a lift of 20-30% in eCPms across outstream and instream formats.

How does predictive header bidding maximize optimization?

30% faster loading and response times, for reduced latency and improved viewing experience.

Predictive optimization technology that prequalifies demand per impression.

32% Lift in overall eCPMs - Increase your effective price across all adapters.

Premium demand backed by direct campaigns such as Geico, Lexus, Capcom, Slack, NatGeo and many more.

Safe and Scalable

Implemented across hundreds of direct publishers, the predictive header bidding algorithm adapts in real-time and has the fastest response rate of less than 300 milliseconds. Its prebid.js protocol prequalifies each placement through predictive algorithms delivering the best video eCPMs for each opportunity sold.

When integrated, the tool is dedicated to simplify operational inefficiencies all while optimizing publisher KPIs. By combining its lightweight characteristic for reduced page load times, as well as contextually relevant indicators it delivers an enhanced viewing experience seamlessly across native, outstream, and instream formats.



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