Publisher monetization - Generate the highest yield with a video solution

Cedato for

Hassle-free Video Content Monetization Solution

Generate the highest video yield across mobile, web and CTV

Cedato publisher monetization solutions, allows you with just a single tag to get a fast loading player, fresh video content and a stream of video ads – all rolled into one. This new solution boosts video monetization, maximizing in-stream revenue from each placement, while enhancing viewing experience and overall performance across desktop, mobile assets.

The technology that powers your results

Reduce costs and deliver player, content and ads with a single line of code.

Fast loading player optimized for high viewability on desktop and mobile web.

Engaging content - built-in quality video library that keep users on site.

Video header bidding built-in for unified optimization.

Access quality demand via the Cedato marketplace

Creates multiple high quality monetization opportunities in a single placement.

Built-in monetization support with higher CPM’s - Instream unit with Preroll, midroll high quality inventory.

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